A Mindful Holiday in Mozambique

Join Gerry and Christina in Vilanculos, Mozambique, for a truly mindful holiday

When we first travelled to Mozambique in 2005, overland from Malawi for five days on local transport all the way up to Pemba in the far north, we found a mysterious and still quite unknown country, with the most beautiful beaches we had ever seen.


‘I like to spend some time in Mozambique

The sunny sky is aqua blue

And all the couples dancing cheek to cheek

It’s very nice to stay a week or two’

Mozambique – Bob Dylan



Back then life was still very different, Gerry working for an American corporate company with a maximum of three weeks holiday in a row. Travelling around on local buses in Africa wasn’t really his thing or favourite holiday experience. He certainly could never have imagined that one day he would live here and teach mindfulness meditation.

Keeping the relaxed, refreshed and peaceful feeling you have after a nice and often-needed break is can be a big challenge arriving back home. With Mindful Holidays, we offer you the chance to teach you more about mindfulness and have a wonderful holiday at the same time.

We invite you to share our experiences here in Mozambique, soak up the colours and African experiences and teach you more about how mindfulness can help you in your daily life back home.

With MindWise Mindful Holidays we offer a different kind of holiday –  a unique introduction to mindfulness meditation in a beautiful, natural and warm place. A relaxing and peaceful time for yourself for self-reflection, self-development and self-growth.

During your stay with us, you will learn about mindfulness and meditation first-hand from a fully qualified mindfulness teacher. Along with Gerry you will begin to see how your mind works – and often gets in our way – while discovering the importance of the body/mind connection. You will learn some tools how to get less distracted and deal better with your challenging thoughts.

The peacefulness here in Vilanculos lends an atmosphere of calm and tranquillity which will accompany you on your inner voyage of discovery and reconnection.