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MindWise is the result of our life journey over the last 13 years. We’re Christina and Gerry and we’ve created MindWise to reflect the philosophy of our lives.

We decided to exchange our former lives in the city for a healthier life in Portugal and, now, more recently in Mozambique. We have moved to the town of Vilanculos, next to the beautiful Bazaruto Archipelago from where Gerry will be teaching mindfulness and creating mindfulness-based retreats.


We try to live our lives with curiosity and openness. We believe that every human being, every animal, every living thing on this planet has a role and a contribution to make in its own way. We try to see the interconnection of all things, and believe in a holistic approach to life, despite the challenges, vulnerabilities and mistakes we make as human beings.


Whatever we create here in Mozambique, we’ll be trying to do so from a place of wisdom, compassion, and clarity.

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