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Africa Calling

“Anderhalf jaar in Mozambique. Ik zit op de veranda van het huis waarin we hier wonen met uitzicht op de Indische oceaan terwijl de vogels en vlinders voorbij kwetteren. Ik ben niet zo'n ochtend mens, nooit geweest ook maar de ochtenden zijn wel het mooiste hier.

Why I Teach

“Those who can do, those who can’t teach” was a phrase coined by fellow Irishman, playwright George Bernard Shaw.

"And Yet...."

I was never interested in this mindfulness lark. For most of my life, anything to do with meditation, spirituality or yoga was just weird “woo-woo” stuff. I was a practical, but fun-loving, atheist who left the Catholic church of my upbringing for many years.

Changes and Choices

Us humans have been long conditioned to fear change and everything that it might bring. Our unwillingness to accept change keeps us stuck in reactive and habitual patterns.

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