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Being here on holidays you are maybe feeling relaxed, calm and peaceful, reflecting the idyllic tranquility of Vilanculos. However, soon you might be heading back home to a busier life and all the stresses and strains that modern life can bring.

While here, why don’t you take the opportunity to learn mindfulness skills which can help you sustain this calm, peace and relaxation when you get back home?

You can learn the basics and benefits of mindful meditation directly with MA qualified teacher Gerry, who will show you how to incorporate mindfulness practice into your daily life. retreat based around your experience and your own path.

Package 1 An Introduction to Mindfulness

Practice the basic tools of mindfulness to deal with the overly busy thinking mind. A one-hour introductory session in the comfort of your own accommodation or on Gerry’s verandah, overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Price : $50 individual; $75 per couple

Package 2. A Deeper Dive

Take three one-hour sessions for a more in-depth experience. You will bring home core mindfulness tools to help you with your busy daily life.

Price : $150 individual; $200 per couple


Mindfulness in Nature  

Sunrise Meditation at the Red Dunes

Be an early riser and experience the majesty of the sun rising from the ocean’s horizon, with an accompanying guided meditation from Gerry. Gerry will pick you up and drop you back to your accommodation and we will practice at the famous Red Dunes. No better way to start your day!

Price : $50 individual; $75 per couple. Groups on request






Meditation on Death Island

You may never meditate in a more special place! Death Island is a small sandbank between the mainland and Bazaruto island which appears and disappears with the low and high tides. Legend has it that prisoners were deposited here in the past during low tide and left to sink or swim when the tide came in. Together we can take a boat to this stunning place and meditate in the middle of the Indian Ocean. We promise to take you back 😊

Note : The trip depends on boat availability and tide times.

Price on request

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