What We Offer

What Can MindWise Offer You?

Whether you are a beginner, or someone who has practiced meditation for some time, we offer various paths using mindful awareness to help bring peace of mind and relate to your thinking processes in a different way.  

By sharing his life experiences Gerry can help you see your world in a different way, enabling you to make the changes you might need in your life, and giving you tools to relate to particular challenges you might be facing.

It’s not therapy. It’s a sharing, a discussion and a learning of how our minds may be contributing to many of the difficulties and challenges that we face. It’s about allowing time for self-care and bringing kindness to yourself. Me time.


We organise and develop group, individual and home-based retreats in Mozambique, South Africa and in Europe. Our retreats follow different themes, reflecting the locations we are in. Gerry likes to collaborate with yoga teachers to create more all-round retreats. 

Moving Mindfully Through the Elements Retreat 2023 Algarve, Portugal

Mindfulness Courses – Personal and Corporate

Gerry is MA qualified to teach stress reduction and self care courses. This can be done face-to-face or online. He also offers online mentoring for the more advanced meditator. On the corporate side his focus is on internal communicaton and dealing with change.

Irish Embassy Maputo


Throughout the year we organise different half day workshops or mini-retreats in Europe and here in Mozambique.



Gerry is a qualified Paws b teacher and teaches mindfulness to 7-11 year old children. 

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